Best Paris Seine River Cruise Tours

Trip sailing along Seine River in Paris can be magical with dipping under the narrow bridges or passing by the tree lined boulevards. There are many boat cruise options available to experience Paris in multiple ways.

Some best river-based tours and activities

Seine River Cruise & city tour

You can get the taste of Paris from water and on land. In this tour, you get introduced to many city landmarks including the Champs-Elysees, Notre Dame and Eiffel Tower before sailing along Seine for one-hour cruise to experience a totally different view. Discover two thousand centuries old history of Paris and everything about the popular monuments and bridges.

Price per person

  • $35.86 [12 – 99]
  • $23.13 [3 – 11]
  • Kids below 2 can travel free

Check travel websites for schedule and price updates.

Paris Illumination cruise tour

Paris is popular as ‘City of Lights’. You can enjoy a cruise on lamp-lit boat and see illumination around the city’s highlights including Les Invalides, the Louvre, the Champs Elysees, the Grand Palais, and more. After dusk, the city is more dreamlike and photogenic.

Price per person

  • $41.64 [12 – 99]
  • $26.60 [3 – 11]
  • Kids below 2 can travel free

View schedule details online on London cruise tour websites.

Canal St. Martin & Seine Cruise

Discover the St. Martin Canal as you cross charming Marina of Paris and arrive at Seine River to enjoy superb view of the Notre Dame Cathedral. In the heart of Paris, see popular monument as well as the Eiffel tower. While cruising you will enjoy a couple of snacks with hot drinks.

Price per person

  • $24.00 [12 – 99]
  • $15.00 [3 – 11]
  • Kids below 2 can travel free

Rent an electric boat

You can opt for a one hour to a one day tour aboard electric self-drive boats. It is a unique way to enjoy the tranquility of the canal. The navigable canal waterway includes the St. Martin, de l’Ourcq, and Bassin de la Villette. Choose an itinerary as per your navigation capabilities, trip distance, and needs. The rates will depend on the kind of itinerary and duration you choose.

Prices per person

Starts from £40.00 [1 hour] to £300.00 [6 hours] depending on the boat size, services offered, and number of people traveling onboard.

VIP Gourmet Dinner Cruise

For romantic couples this is an ideal way to spend their evening in Paris. Combine two experiences – illumination sightseeing and savor delicious gourmet cuisine. Even foodies can enjoy the gastronomic tasting menu.

Price per person

  • $57.83

Hop on hop off bus tour and boat cruise

With a 2 to 3-day ticket explore Paris conveniently on open top sightseeing cruise boats and bus. Get off and on the boat and bus anytime you wish to spend more time at some landmark.

Price per person for 2-day ticket

  • $54.06 [Adult]
  • $24.15 [5-15]

It is a popular way to experience the city, so look for more details on to get the best deals.

Other amazing activities to enjoy while in Paris

Besides boat tours, you can see Paris panoramas from the Sacred Heart [Montmarte] to Eiffel Tower or from the Montparnasse Tower but from hot-air balloon flying over the River and city is a breathtaking experience. Shoppers find Paris appealing because they get to discover great fashion at Rue de Rivoli. For second hand shopping visit Le Marais, where there are tiny shops scattered along the narrow streets. Join French cooking class with some great chefs available. Music lovers can enjoy classical or pop music or spend night dancing at some Jazz club.

Enjoy your Paris sightseeing tour on Seine River!