4 Things to Enjoy on a Dhow Cruise Marina Tour

Dhow Cruise Marina is the perfect way to end your Dubai tour. After days of experiencing new places and activities in the scorching heat, it becomes imperative that you finish your tour on a peaceful and tranquil note. The Dubai Creek divides the city in two parts, north and south and it is the main reason Dubai became what it is today. The earliest people were fishermen that settled around this Creek and soon enough the oil was discovered, from there, on it was an uphill progress for the city.

All the tourists know that a Dubai Tour is not completed without a cruise around the Dubai Creek. There are a lot of packages and deals available in the market that lets you experience the ultimate Dhow Marina Cruise. If you want to get more information about the various types of tour deals, you can click here. This article describes some of the best features of a Dhow Cruise Marina Tour that you can enjoy with your friends and family. Also, you should make sure the tour package you are choosing has the following features as well.
Welcoming Drinks and Refreshments
As per Eastern tradition, the staff on the cruise ship will serve welcoming drinks and refreshments immediately after your onboarding. Even though it’s a custom, the drinks and refreshments are something to keep an eye for. They are mostly traditional snacks that you will not find anywhere else in the world. It goes without saying that your travel agency is responsible for the time schedule of the cruise. The company shall also provide a pick and drop service as well.
Cruising about the Creek for Two hours
The cruise usually lasts for about two hours regardless of whether it is a daytime Cruise or nighttime. For two hours, you can forget about all your worries and simply take in the majestic skyline of Dubai. The nighttime Dhow Cruise is more popular because people like to reserve this time for relaxation and a break from the constant newness of things.
Dhow Cruise Dinner
One thing you can look forward to on this cruise is the Dhow Cruise Marina Dinner Dubai. You can take your pick from the largest buffet dinner and choose from cuisines from around the world. The tour provider and the cruise operators employ native chefs from each country to prepare this dinner. Since Dubai is a city with multiple ethnicity and races, it is easy to find people from all over the world.
Music and Entertainments
While you are enjoying your dinner, multiple artists and entertainers put on various live shows for you. These entertainments include singing, dancing and other variety shows. You can take your dinner in the lower deck which is fully air-conditioned because of the hot weather or you can enjoy fresh breeze on the open deck of the cruise boat. Regardless of what you choose, it is obvious that Dhow Cruise Marina Tour is something not to be missed on a Dubai Tour.