5 Exciting Things to do In Dubai

Dubai is a popular tourists destination and every year, more than a million tourists travel to Dubai in order to enjoy the luxuries they’ve only heard of. However, there are so many things to do and so many places to visit in Dubai which makes it impossible to cover everything in a few days. That’s why you need to do thorough research about the fun activities and tourists spots before starting your journey. This article highlights some exciting things you can do in Dubai, so if you are planning a vacation anytime soon, then make sure to include the following’s activities in your list.

Sand Bashing
The name may sound exciting but the actual activity mostly means playing in the sand. Desert Safari Dubai is very popular but you can take it to another level with camel riding, sand boarding and quad biking. Apart from the glittering city, the deserts may look humble but if you don’t explore the red dunes of Dubai, then you are missing a lot. Make sure to get the best desert safari deals your tourism company is offering in order to get the most out of your desert experience.
Hot Air Balloon Ride
One of the most preferred outdoor activity which is popular among tourists of all ages is the hot air balloon ride. The ride provides a mesmerizing view of the desert covered in red dunes and covers the backdrop of the lofty Hajar Mountains. Hot air balloon ride is a must for people who enjoy high views and scenic landscapes. You can also enjoy the sight of the beautiful sunset from your hot air balloon basket as well.
Fly Kites at Beach
Strolling along the seashore must already be in your list but you can embellish your time at the beach with other fun activities. Kite flying is really popular at beaches in Dubai, you must take part in this activity for a fun experience. The beaches of Dubai also offer other activities like beach chalets, paddle boarding, water boarding with snorkeling being the most popular beach activity. You can also enjoy refreshing drinks from beachside bars or have delicious meals from eateries as well.
Enjoy the Wild Wadi Theme Park
Water theme parks are also a must while traveling in Dubai. If beaches are not your thing, then try the Wild Wadi Theme park located in front of Burj Khalifa. This theme park is perfect for family vacations and kids will love it. The theme park is inspired by the Arabian folktale, The Tales of Juha and has a number of exciting rides like The Tunnel of Doom and The Tantrum Alley that the adults and kids enjoy equally.
Visit the Bastakiya Quarters
Bastakiya Quarters is perfect for you if you want to visit a quite place, away from the hustle and bustle of modern Dubai. Bastakiya Quarters are a conserved place in Dubai, they are totally inhabited and even the vehicles are not allowed there. You will be able to relax and get the feel of the old Dubai in the streets of Bastakiya Quarters.