Catania: City of Sunshine

Right in the heart of a magnificent cove and dominated by Etna, Catania is the perfect destination to experience all the Sicilian charm at its most satisfying, blending a cultural getaway with a relaxing vacation. There’s no fittest way to dig this ancient city and its surroundings than renting villas in Catania with private pools and live like a Sicilian count. For a stay with friends or family, what could be best than a rental villa to unwind, meet up and forge exceptional memories? The holiday villa is the perfect option for experiencing the comfort and a luxurious stay. A villa is like a second house with a living room, a fully equipped kitchen, and even a terrace or a swimming pool. You can come and go as you wish. But now, let’s go back to gorgeous Catania…

Catania: a Beautiful City to Explore

Like a phoenix, Catania in Sicily was able to recover all its glory after the volcanic eruption that devastated the city in the 17th century. Today, the city’s historic center is home to an essential number of Baroque monuments. To enjoy the beauty of the Sicilian town, walking is the most suitable option, especially since the various historical buildings are not far from each other. The Duomo and the abbey of Sainte-Agathe are among the must-see sites to explore during your vacation in Catania. In the shade of the city’s modern buildings, the amphitheater is one of the last Roman remains of Catania, while the White Mulberry district is a testimony to Arab influence.

A Relaxing Getaway Under the Sicilian Sun

In the shade of the famous volcano of Etna, Catania’s beautiful sandy beaches mingle perfectly into a contrasting and enchanting scenery. Benefiting from the generous sunshine that surrounds the Mediterranean, Catania is a popular seaside retreat where you can enjoy both the delights of swimming and the various aquatic activities available, such as sailing and kite-surfing. In the direction of the Simeto River estuary, located to the south of the city, the lively beaches give way to the tranquility of a wild and preserved place. As you go up the river, you will discover steep banks and centuries-old bridges that cross it.

A City With a Magical Atmosphere

A stay in Catania will allow you to taste the unique magic that animates Sicilian cities. During the day, a detour to the market will give you the opportunity to enjoy a colorful show with a festive atmosphere. Don’t miss out on Sicilian culinary specialties, especially seafood dishes. At nightfall, you will appreciate the liveliness in the streets, restaurants, and bars. Climbing up the heights of Etna, you will have a breathtaking view of the city and the entire bay. The contrast of colors that is revealed to your eyes is particularly striking. In contact with nature or close to historic districts, your stay in Catania promises to be magical thanks to the selection of top-of-the-range hotels we have chosen for you at exclusive prices.

What to Eat in Sicily?

In Palermo, you can have the pane e panelle (a chickpeas cake, often completed by fried eggplants and lemon), the involtini di Pesce Spada (it’s the swordfish with tomatoes, olives, and capers), the pasta con le sarde (pasta with sardine, seasoned with pine nuts, grapes, and fennel). On the Catania side, don’t even try to skip the pasta alla norma (you’ll thank us for this): eggplant, tomato, basil, ricotta… The suino Nero (black pig of the region) and the provola cheese of the Tyrrhenian coast will positively not leave you insensitive! And how not to mention the exquisite local granite or pasticceria to tickle the most connoisseur palates?

What to Bring Back from Sicily?

You simply cannot leave without Marsala in your luggage (a sweet and robust wine to drink fresh)! Limoncello is also a must, of course, as well as fine pear liqueur and honey from the Etna area. The puppets, which are the result of exceptional Italian craftsmanship, are located in Palermo and Catania. To Syracuse, you can bring back papyrus, the only place where you can buy it in Europe! And the absolute classic is Sicilian olive oil, which is more fragrant than any other…